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Welcome to the Kingsbury School Sports Partnership Website. 2012 certainly started as an amazing year, the school gained a Plan Your 2012 grant that allowed us to take the London 2012 education programme GET SET to another level within our schools.  Not only we did we promote the games & the values to our own students but we also helped our partnership Primary schools to do the same.  I can safely say that the most rewarding week of my career started in National School Sports Week on the 25 June, which was World Sport Day.  Over 600 primary pupils descended on Kingsbury School & Sports College representing different countries in true Olympic Style. This sporting extravaganza led by over 130 young leaders was the best and biggest we had ever seen.  The fun did not stop there though, Tuesday 26 June saw the launch of our torch relay, this truly was the most inspirational thing I had ever seen within our school sports partnership.  Whole schools lined the driveways to welcome their neighbouring schools, children and staff cheered and clapped as the children ran in and passed on the torch.  Our events of the summer definitely highlighted the Olympic & Paralympic values in every single way and I can’t thank the schools for enough for their work and commitment.

London 2012 was about creating a legacy and inspiring another generation.  I think within Kingsbury SSP we totally achieved this, however now is where our legacy really begins.  We are totally committed to continually inspiring a generation and I look forward to working with all of our partners over the next 12 months to help us develop and enhance our work even further. School Games will now be a focus along with our ‘buy in support’ so please keep your eyes on the website for updates on competition, CPD and of course the good news stories!

Alison Mapp, Partnership Development Manager

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